Use SEO and PPC Together to Achieve Your Marketing Success

Use SEO and PPC Together to Achieve Your Marketing Success

Use SEO and PPC Together to Achieve Your Marketing Success

30 Apr, 2019 02:44 am

In digital Marketing SEO & PPC, both are generally considered as separate. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process to increase a search Engine’s ranking of your site, with the help of high-quality content and targeted keywords. On the other hand, PPC (Page per Click) is a strategy where any businesses have to pay only when users follow the link into their landing page. This time, most of the digital marketing agencies have different teams to handle SEO and PPC. If you will combine strategies of PPC and SEO together, you will see impactful results in your business.

Share keyword data:

PPC and running organic gives you double data to analyze. You can use the PPC and organic report in Adwords for identifying loopholes present in keyword coverage. In Adwords, you can check which keywords are driving clicks without associated traffic. For this, you will have to check the details such as:

·         First, select the basic option.

·         Must click on all reports.

·         Click on predefined reports.

·         You can choose paid or organic, which you want.

Smart Decision-Making:

When SEO and PPC work together then it will provide you a large source of data for decision-making purpose. You can check click through rate, Bounce and exit rate with the use of these strategies. By using both SEO and PPC, you can get double data which help to make a smarter decision for your business.

Helps to capture your previous visitors:

With the help of PPC and SEO, you can capture your previous visitors.

To get them to return back to your site, you have to track goods and services in which they were interested, and show them ads. This serves as a very useful reminder for your user and will be a good opportunity for your website to get more and more clients. This trick is much easier for the user to click on the ads than to search for their desirable goods again.




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