Things To Take care While Designing Your Website

Things To Take care While Designing Your Website

Things To Take care While Designing Your Website

29 May, 2019 02:51 am

Create PSD, Keep Layout Simple And Clean-

First step in designing a website is must create a PSD file. The accurate strategy in a systematic way is important for creating a website. There are many web design companies which offer the best IT services to you but if you are a designer then you must know these things while designing a website. Sometimes some companies give their own PSD format for converting into HTML. If they do not provide PSD then you must create PSD format. The first step must be correct in every aspect of life. Then the layout of web pages should be simple and clean in structure. Text and Graphics should be visually well balanced and properly aligned on the web pages. Also, ensure the width of the text is readable enough to convey the required information.

Use effective typography for enhanced readability-

Typography is all about how well you make your text or type readable. While choosing the type, must ensure that it best fits into your design and its theme. Must take care of uniform text alignment and correct spacing between lines, letters, and characters.

Use Client or Visitor Centric Theme-

If you are creating a website for self or client,who is not sharing any requirement and PSD template. In this case, you can create a website as per your target users. Colors play a vital role in setting the mood of users. Each color symbolizes different emotions and elicits different responses.  You can use vibrant color if you are a cosmetic company or dull dark colors if you are target professional customer or business owners.

 Add A Sitemap Of The Website-

A Sitemap is like a list of web pages. There are three types of site map here we talking about sitemap used during the planning of a website by web designers.

 Reduce site loading time with proper design-

It is important to reduce website loading time because it also affects the SEO of the website. You can check your website loading time through GTmetrics and also overcome it by uploading file in cpanel generated through GTmetrics tool. Use that kind of design on your website that can make your website load faster. Remove unnecessary space and images from your website, Reduce Size of the image if needed.

Place Call To Action Buttons effectively-

While designing a website, add a call to action like buy now, add to cart and such. These buttons should ideally like the largest buttons and it should be made in contrasting colors to make them stand out and attract attention.

Add Header And Footer For Quick Information Access-

Header is placed on the top and footer at the bottom. Design them to be informational. Provide all links to all those important pages on your website that users would like to visit before making any inquiry or purchase.

Use Uniform And Simple Coding-

Must Use Clear and accepted conventions-from left to right and top to bottom. Follow SEO friendly coding pattern while designing a website.





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