The Guide To Keyword Research With Best Tools

The Guide To Keyword Research With Best Tools

The Guide To Keyword Research With Best Tools

01 May, 2019 05:23 am

Keyword research is the basis of any online marketing campaign. Main Focus of Seo professional is choosing the right keywords. There are many free keyword research tool available on Google but are they providing genuine data? Well, maybe all keyword planning tools are not providing an accurate report. Without knowing the right keywords how can you optimize your website? The simple goal of keyword research is to find out, what is your target audience searching. In the beginning first set up the spreadsheet for your keyword research for optimizing your website. The final step will be a compilation of the top posts on keyword research.

Spread Sheet Setup-The first thing is setup spreadsheet and record your data within. You need to add columns like Keyword, monthly searches(Google AdWords Keyword Planner), Keyword GAKT – Competition (Google AdWords Keyword Planner), Global Monthly Searches (Google AdWords Keyword Planner) and you can add or delete column as per your need.

Keyword Research Tool-

Google Adwords Keyword Tool- It is one of the best keyword research tools. If you do not have Google AdWords account then better get an AdWords account. Then choose this tool for better results than other tools. If you are looking for those keywords just for your static website and not interested in cost per click things. Go with the results without login your AdWords account on the other hand if you are interested in CPC pricing etc, then research keywords with Google AdWords account.

The reason why you should use Google AdWords keywords tool is it shows Competition, Global monthly searches, local monthly searches and also approximate CPC. You can also choose countries location for keyword research.

Google Suggestions Keyword-Write keyword on Google you will see automatic many suggestions by Google then you can choose right keywords from Google suggestions.

Google Trends-Google trends shows past data of keyword research and also shows related queries or keywords. Google trends also show top location on those keywords. Google trends analyses top trending things in Google search across various regions and languages. For knowing popular topics past researches choose Google trends.

Ubersuggest- Ubersuggest is also one of the most popular keyword research tools these days. You can see organic keywords which are helpful in ranking your site. One of the most awesome features of ubersuggest is it shows seo difficulty means how much time website will take for ranking on a particular keyword. It also shows the best keyword ideas and content ideas. It is not only a good tool for keyword research but also awesome for SEO analysis of your site like top pages of your site.

When you find keywords from all tools then in last choose best keywords from all of them. This concludes method of discovering keyword ideas, analyzing them, and then choosing the best for your website.



01 May, 2019 05:23 am

The blog is really very helpful for me to select the keywords. Thanks.

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