Know About Software Testing

Know About Software Testing

Know About Software Testing

01 Jul, 2019 11:57 pm

Software testing is the process of validating and verifying any software with the purpose of finding errors, gaps and missing requirement versus the actual requirement. It also improves the software in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and usability. In other words, the method of finding errors in the software application so that the application functions according to the end user’s requirements is known as software testing.

Software testing can be divided into two steps:

Verification: In verification, set of tasks ensures that the software implements correctly to a specific function. The verification process is about the developer building the right product?

Validation: In this step, set of tasks ensures the project and software actually meets the client’s need. It is the process of evaluating the software during the development process or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies the business requirements or not.

Types of Software Testing:

There are two types of software testing.

Manual Testing:

The manual testing includes testing the software manually means it does not use any automated tools and script for testing. In this testing, the tester takes over the role of the end user and then tests the software to find unexpected errors or bug. Manual testing has different stages such as Unit testing, system testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing. Manual testing includes exploratory testing to identify errors.

Automation Testing:

It is also known as Test Automation. In this type of testing the testers write scripts and uses software to test software. This testing increases the test coverage and improves the accuracy of the software. It also saves money and time in comparison to manual testing.

Techniques of Software Testing:

The software techniques can be classified into two types.

Black Box Testing:

In this testing, the tester does not have access to the source code of the software. This testing is conducted at the software interface without to go with the internal logical structure of the software.



White Box Testing:

In this type of testing, the tester has the right to access the source code. White box techniques analyze the data structure, code structure, internal design and working of the software.

When the software is completed from the developer’s hand, then software tester tests the software and check whether it is working properly or not. Software testing is the most important part of your business website. There are thousands of IT Companies available in India, which offers the best software as per client’s requirement.

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