How To Design A Website

How To Design A Website

How To Design A Website

09 May, 2019 12:24 am

From the beginning a Website is the set of related web pages under the single domain. The website has two types of static site and dynamic site. Static sites contain web pages with fixed content. The static sites are the most basic types and easy to create. The dynamic sites contain web pages that are generated in real time. Website is an online presentation about your business. Design of a website also affects its SEO. Let’s See the simple steps of how to design a website.

1. Create A Project Plan-Before starting design, First create a plan about which type of website you want. I mean what is the specific category of your website.

What kind of brand you are going to build?

What kind of feature do you need on your website? These could be newsletter sign-up button

What is your site about? Think about your future audience what they are looking for.

Your website should reflect the answers to these questions. For example, if you need a site for profession business then you must go with white and grey color.  All these points must clear while designing a website. If the first step is correct then you will achieve your goal. Next step is competitor research. Look at those sites which are similar to your website.

2. Choose The Platform-Before starting design of a site you need to choose and pick the platform to build your website. First is you need to choose a domain means the identity of a site and also hosting. Choose the platform means the site on WordPress, PHP, etc.

3. Homepage: decide on layout and menu navigation- Once you have done with choosing the platform. Now focus on your navigation and layout. This is the first step while designing a website. The homepage is like a shop window, so it’s pretty important to take time and make it in right form A good website delivers style, but also substance. An effective homepage makes it easy for visitors to navigate around the site. It should be clear what action you expect from your visitor to take. In this section, we’ll cover two aspects of the homepage: the layout and menu navigation. explains why a visitor should use you.   

4. Choose A Theme Of Your Site-

To populate your homepage you will need to choose a beautiful template. Website builders always have a great range of trending templates for their clients to choose from. Plus, website builder does a lot of the selection for you by filtering templates by category. You can select a template that matches your industry. Most platforms offer a range of free and paid themes and customize the theme as per the need and requirement of your business. When you have done all these things then customize your beautiful site. Congratulations your website is ready.


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