Cisco Switching and Routing

Cisco Switching and Routing

Cisco Switching and Routing

08 Jul, 2019 10:01 pm

If you have your own business or company then Cisco Switching and routing is very important, because both have their own advantages. The switch is designed to connect multiple computers within the network, whereas the routers are designed to connect multiple networks together. Both Routers and Switches are different, but can be used interchangeably.


Switching is used to connect multiple devices on the same network within an organization. In switching, you can connect printers, computers, and servers creating a network of shared resources. The switch would serve as a controller that allows various devices to share the information and talk to each other.

There are two types of switches.

Managed Switches:

The managed switches allow you the access to program it. It gives good flexibility because it can be adjusted and monitored remotely and give you the option to control the traffic over the network.

Unmanaged Switches:

These switches work out of the box and it does not allow you to make changes in it. You cannot manage traffic in these switches.


It is used to tie multiple networks together. It is the process of selecting the path for traffic in the network. Routing can be performed in many types of networks, including the circuit switched network, computer networks such as the public switched telephone network. In routing, routers analyze the data that is sent over the network it can change packaged and sent it to another network.  It can connect your business all over the world and protect your business information from security threats.

Depending on your networking plans and business, you can choose routers as per your requirement.


Some other Devices which plays vital role in Netwoking are mentioned below.


Specialized software examines incoming data of your business and protects it against attacks.



IP Phone Network:

It can combine your company’s computer and telephone network with the help of using conferencing technology and voice, for simplifying or unify your communications between people.

Virtual Private Network:

It is a way that allows remote your company’s employees to safely access your network remotely.

It is clear that both switching and routing is most important for your business. If you want to take the numerous advantages of routing and switching for your business, then you can go Webtricy website. It is An IT Directory, which offers the list of Best IT Companies in India.





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