About Firewall

About Firewall

About Firewall

02 Apr, 2019 02:26 pm

Any piece of hardware or software which filter the network traffic between computer (Home Network or Company Network) and Internet is known as Firewall. Before explaining the benefits' of Firewall just try to understand the importance of your Network. Please check some damage and consider the cost for the damage.

1)  Lost Data

The worst case for any company or individual is the lost of the data. It can happen if some outer infection comes into the network and there is no other option than formatting all the device in the network. If any company faces this scenario then can it stand in today's' corporate world?

2) Confidential Data

This can be also counted in he lost data. But writing it in different topic is just to show that if any confidential data is lost and misused then what are the consequence that will come and you have to face them all.

3) Time Wasting

Every time if there is any attack on our Network we had to perform deep check in every computer and network for the infection.  It takes a lot of time and also we have to go through downtime for our company.

4)Illegal Use of your Computer

If any outer infection comes into your network and start any abnormal behavior in your computer like sending email sending personal data or using your computer  for any illegal use.

5) Loss of name

Anybody who comes to know that the network in which you are working is not protected than the level of trust will decrease. The reputation of company will also decrease.


When it comes to protect the Network, Firewall is known as one of the first line of defense.

So after reading all these the first thing which comes in our mind is What does Firewall do?

When there is any transfer of network between Computer and Internet then the firewall installed in between checks for the package transfer and only allow the package to transfer which are trusted and blocks the unknown package. This blocking of package is done according to the rules which we have set on the firewall. And in addition to this it also send the report about the unknown package to the network admin of the company.

Firewall complete its work according to the rules which we have configured. Few important ways are mentioned below.

1)  Blocking the incoming network access depending on the source of the packet.

2)  Blocking the outgoing network access depending on the destination packet.

3)  Checking the content which are being transferred between the Computer and Internet.

4)  Restriction of confidential data to transfer from Network.

If we will go in the deep studies of Firewall then there are many configuration, rules and access list which can be done on it.

But in short to protect your network, data and time the first thing which is needed in any company is Firewall. And implementation of firewall will not only protect the data and network but it will also save your reputation. As it signifies that you are very concern about your network and have implemented firewall for its protection.



02 Apr, 2019 02:26 pm



02 Apr, 2019 02:26 pm


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